Getting A Nose Job With The Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon

best revision rhinoplasty surgeonsNose surgery or rhinoplasty is a very popular cosmetic procedure performed by surgeons the world over. In spite of its popularity, many people are still apprehensive about undergoing such a procedure for fear that the results would appear too noticeable. However, finding the best rhinoplasty surgeon in town would be the key to a successful nose job.

Two Types of Nose Jobs Done by the
Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons

1. Open rhinoplasty – In open rhinoplasty, cosmetic surgeons will need to make incisions to get the job done. And this is one of the reasons why most people draw back from open rhinoplasty procedures for fear that scarring would be quite obvious and others will easily notice the work that has been done. However, scarring due to the incisions made is exceptionally small and would remain unnoticeable for the most part – unless someone is so fixated with looking intently at your nostrils.

2. Closed rhinoplasty – Most patients opt for closed rhinoplasty, wherein the best rhinoplasty surgeons use internal incisions in the nostrils so as to work within the nose. All the work that needs to be done will be totally inside, which would result to no noticeable scarring. Most simple procedures can be successfully performed with the help of this technique.

Both types of rhinoplasty procedures carry a certain level of risks and complications. The risks and complications involved include bleeding, swelling, bruising, and infection. It can take a long time before one can fully recover from any of the two procedures, at times they take an entire year before they completely heal. Nevertheless, the desired results are immediately visible and will keep on improving as months pass. The initial discomfort that can be felt will only last for a week or so and recovery will soon start.

How to Choose the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon

1. Come up with a list of surgeons and narrow it down. Living in a large metropolitan area allows you access to several rhinoplasty surgeons. Make a list of well-known surgeons in your area and start trimming your list down to a couple or so best revision rhinoplasty surgeons.  To come up with a list of the best surgeons, make it a point to double check if the surgeons you have in your list are listed in prestigious medical boards. Do your research and check if any of them have received awards in the field of rhinoplasty. It would also help to list only those doctors that are within the network of your health insurance as the cost of the surgery or part of it might be covered.

2. Listen to word of mouth. Has there been talk about great rhinoplasty surgeons in your area? Or perhaps you have a relative or friend who has gone through this kind of procedure and if so, do not hesitate to ask them concerning their experience. Take not of the things you hear about doctors. Those who constantly have good reviews are to be considered as good options for performing rhinoplasty. You can also inquire about good rhinoplasty surgeons in the area through your primary care physician.

3. Review portfolios. Part of your research is to review the work done by rhinoplasty surgeons in your list. Check the websites of these surgeons as they will most likely have rhinoplasty before and after pictures of their patients. Should there be surgeons in your list who do not have a website, stop by their clinic or office to take a look at their portfolios. Through looking at their portfolios, you will be able to develop an assessment of how well they perform rhinoplasty.

4. Submit yourself to a free initial consultation. Several cosmetic surgeons offer initial consultations that are free of charge. Do not hesitate to grab the chance of consulting with the surgeons included in your list. In this way, you can have a better idea of the services they provide, as well as the cost of rhinoplasty procedures you will potentially go through.

In this day and age, rhinoplasty procedures are able to yield results that look more natural. With the help of the best rhionplasty surgeon, you will be able to have a nose that looks well with your other facial features and a nose that can make you breathe more easily. Finding the best surgeon in town will also significantly reduce your chances of suffering from complications and having to undergo reoperations.

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