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Factors to consider before selecting
Best Plastic Surgeons

Plastic SurgeonsAs you begin to do your research on determining which of the best plastic surgeons to work with, you begin to have several questions in mind. However, many people tend to be intimated by the idea of asking questions from someone who has authority. In spite of this, you will need to consider several factors before making an important decision like selecting a plastic surgeon. Here are some of them:

1. Do you have Board certification?

The gold standard in this field is a certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). Having certification from this organization signifies the completion of a surgeon of extensive specialized training. This not only shows advanced knowledge and enhanced experience but also speaks volumes about the commitment of the surgeon to the field. Ask the question and verify the claim through checking with ABPS online. You must take note, however, that there are several other medical societies and boards that also issue certifications.

2. How many cases of this specific procedure have you performed in the past?

No one wants to be a guinea pig. This is why we try to avoid being one of the first few patients that a doctor will use to refine his or her technique. Do not be embarrassed to ask this question and at the same time, do not be rude in asking the question. Nevertheless, it is still better to be embarrassed and rude than to be disfigured or worse.

3. Will there be other medical staff who will provide assistance during the procedure?

Get to know everyone who is part of the surgical support team of the doctor and make it a point to know more about their qualifications. Check who will administer and monitor anesthesia. Check if there will be emergency medical staff available should there be a problem during the procedure. If the procedure will be done at a teaching or instructional hospital, check if there will be medical students or interns who will be involved in caring for you.

4. Where will the plastic surgery procedure be performed?

Check if the procedure will be performed in a hospital or in an out-patient ambulatory center or in the best plastic surgery office. Hospitals are generally more expensive places where any kind of surgery is performed. However, you should not be putting a price on your health and safety.

5. At which hospitals do you have privileges for the procedure?

It would not hurt to ask about the hospital privileges of the best plastic surgeon in performing the procedure – even if it will be done in a venue other than a hospital. Take note that hospitals generally impose strict policies and guidelines involving safety records and surgeon training before they grant operating privileges to surgeons.

6. What kind of anesthesia will be applied during the surgery?

The use of general anesthesia involves a high degree of risk. This is why only highly-trained specialists are allowed to do the administration and monitoring of the effects of general anesthesia on the patient. IV sedation or “twilight sleep” comes as a slightly safer and typically more affordable alternative. Local anesthetics are the safest options but are only recommended for procedures that require the top plastic surgeons to continue to communicate with the patient. Generally, most procedures cannot be carried out with local anesthesia only.

7. What risks are associated with the procedure?

Each surgery comes with certain risks and some are quite common to all types of surgical procedures. The most serious ones include infection, excessive blood loss or hemorrhage, and adverse or unpleasant reactions to general anesthetics – which can all lead to mortality. And because plastic surgery is an elective procedure, the best plastic surgeons will generally refuse to carry out a procedure on a patient whom they believe have high risks.

8. What exactly are the fees involved in this procedure?

You must know that there is a lot more to the total fee than merely the fee being charged for the expertise of the surgeon. Check the breakdown for fees associated with anesthesia, use of the operating room, laboratory procedures, and many others. As much as possible, ask for a hard copy of the total fee along with the breakdown. In this way, you will not be caught off guard by ugly surprises once you are through with the procedure.

These are some of the most important questions you need to ask your surgeon. Even the best plastic surgeons should not be saved from these inquiries. Their answers would tell much about whether or not it is safe to pursue the procedure with their knowledge and expertise.

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